Choose us and make your move perfect.

Moving can be a very big step in your life. For many, it can a new chapter in life that is why recommend choosing provisional movers like Cross Country Movers. At Cross Country Movers (CCM) we offer top-notch moving services at an amazingly low cost. We have warehouses in almost all major Canadian cities giving you flexibility and increased availability for whichever date you choose to move. CCM we do not take advantage of people moving at the last minutes or busy season. We believe in transparency and accountability. You can count on us for your next move and know the prices will be fair and will not change.

At Cross Country Movers we advocate for transparency therefore what you see on the estimate/quote is what you will get charged for. We also do not have a fuel surcharge, shuttle fees or additional labours fees. If there are any additional fees we make sure our customer is aware of it prior to giving their business. This way customers hire us with confidence.

When requesting a quote from Cross Country Movers let us know how many bedrooms your house has and if you are aware of an approximate weight. If not no worries, we offer virtual consultation using our free online weight calculator. This helps bring transparency between the customer and the company by giving a close to an accurate estimate. Customers can easily prepare for their moving budget and make wise decisions regarding the items they would like to move.